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Mirage Large Tray
Mirage Large Tray Mirage Large Tray
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Mirage Large Tray

The Mirage Collection is inspired by Michael's workshop in India and his love of ancient craftsmanship. Although the collection is made using traditional hand forging techniques, it feels contemporary. The forged steel becomes pliable under the force of the hammer, creating a rippled and undulating effect, reminding Michael of waves and dunes. Once polished, the stainless-steel shimmers in the light, like the reflection of the sun on water.

"I am fascinated with the idea of nature's tricks. Just like the elusive mirage in the desert, the hammered polished metal belies the material and transports us to a dreamlike place."


  • 18.75"L x 12.5" x 0.75"H
  • Hand Textured Stainless Steel 
  • Stainless Steel


        Sale price Regular price $333.00