Founded by King Louis XV, Baccarat is a legendary French crystal company whose artisans have mastered their craft for over 250 years. The Baccarat name has long been synonymous with royalty: kings and queens, sultans and tsars, moguls and modern-day stars. Its glittering objets d’art are defined by their elegance and authenticity, used throughout the most sumptuous repasts and celebrations of life. Baccarat is translating its essence into contemporary culture, still paying homage to its heritage.

Since 1764, Baccarat crystal has been crafted in a tiny hamlet of the same name, using techniques barely altered over centuries. Maison Baccarat today is home to 25 artisans so skilled at their craft, they bear the title of Meilleurs Ouvriers de France—a rare distinction from the French government, designating them as the finest in their field.