QLOCKTWO LARGE features an impressive front cover in a 90 × 90 cm format (approx. 35 x 35 in). Its striking form gives every room a modern sense of time.

  • Illumination: Sensors adjust the light automatically to ambient light conditions so that even at night the clock can be easily read. The brightness can also be adjusted manually.
  • Seconds Mode: When the seconds mode is activated – using the two buttons at the back of the clock – the seconds are displayed as large figures on the front matrix. In seconds mode the minute points in the corners are still viable.
  • FLASHSETTER: With the QLOCKTWO FLASHSETTER you can easily set your QLOCKTWO via smartphone. Alternatively, the time can also be set manually.
  • Mounting: QLOCKTWO appears to float elegantly when mounted. The wall bracket provides plenty of space to hide the cables and the power supply.
  • QLOCKTWO orders are dropshipped directly from the manufacturer and may be subject to additional processing time. QLOCKTWO does not accept returns or exchanges.         


Subject to availability; please contact us for estimated delivery timing on QLOCKTWO LARGE products. Generally 2-4 week lead time.

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