Butterfly Ginkgo Gold Centerpiece Platter

Inspired by the captivating “Butterfly Gingko” tree, this collection celebrates the idea of metamorphosis with Aram crafting leaves and twigs in metal that seemingly take flight from the branches as butterflies. The solid brass sculpts, polished to a gold hue, exude a fresh vibrancy and energy. Cocoon-like vessels are hand polished to a mirror-like finish, reflecting radiant sculpts to create a sense of wonder and intrigue. White enamel hand-painted butterflies add a refined touch of ethereal beauty. The Butterfly Ginkgo Gold Collection pays tribute to Michael’s original Butterfly Ginkgo Collection, which first debuted in 2011 and shortly thereafter became one of the most iconic motifs in Aram’s oeuvre. With the launch of this second generation interpretation of one of his favorite collections,  Aram breathes new life into one of his most poetic motifs.
“I still remember making the first rendition of Butterfly Ginkgo and knowing in my heart that it would become an important motif for me. Inspired by a ginkgo leaf blowing through my bedroom window one day, I looked at the gingko tree outside with fresh eyes, imagining its leaves as butterflies ready to take flight.” -M

  • 5"H, 17"Dia
  • Hand Textured Stainless Steel
  • Natural & Oxidized Brass
  • White Enamel
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